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22 Today, 23 Tomorrow


Tomorrow is my birthday.

Isn’t it kind of weird how birthdays aren’t really that exciting anymore after 21?

Don’t get me wrong, I am very much happy and grateful to be celebrating another year of life. It’s just there’s no longer than anxious feeling about what that birthday signifies (13 you are finally a teenager, 16 you get your driver’s license, 18 you can gamble, 21 you can drink).

Lisa's Birthday

My 13th Birthday

Birthdays used to be a big deal. You’d have parties, your family and friends would all come, and you’d have leftover cake for a week. Now, I live too far from my family and friends to see them, I work on my birthday, and cake is usually much too rich to eat. The joys of getting older!

I will say that 22 was the most challenging year of my life thus far – emotionally, physically, and mentally. All of the things I experienced I truly believe made me a better, more well-rounded, and mature person. My list includes: my first full year living on my own, being single (and happy) after a bad breakup with someone I thought I was going to be with for the rest of my life, adopting and being the sole provider for my first pet, skydiving, running my first 5K, handling and taking care of (most) of my finances on my own (my parents have definitely helped a lot, don’t get me wrong!), actually giving myself a vacation and going on my first cruise, and all of my work-related accomplishments.

22 Years Old

Looking back on it all, even though 22 was difficult at some points, I must say it was a blast. And I am definitely looking forward to what 23 has to offer.