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A 5K and a Poke Cake


What an interesting weekend! I spent majority of it lying on my parents’ couch because I was still feeling really sick. However, I did make the most of my Saturday by running in the 5K I had previously signed up for. And wow, was it tough!

Completing the race in under an hour was my goal. I finished in just over an hour and was originally really disappointed in that time, but after hearing from lots of my other friends who were healthy and completed the race, I do not feel as bad about it. Not only could I not run most of the time due to the fact that my throat kept closing (being sick while already an asthmatic is fun) but it was extremely hot that day! So I am very proud of my time!

This past Monday was also my brother’s fiance’s birthday so I decided to take the opportunity to make a dessert I had pinned a couple weeks ago – Oreo Poke Cake. I’ll take any excuse to bake something new, especially if it involves chocolate 😉

The cake turned out great! Hallie loved it and there was so much leftover that I even took the cake into work. My coworkers were very appreciative and it was devoured in about 5 minutes. My boss even told me that it was “epic.” I’ll say this one was a success!

Oreo Poke Cake

  • Chocolate cake mix (plus what you need to make the cake, usually eggs, oil, and water)
  • 2 boxes of Oreo instant Jello pudding mix (4.2 ounces)
  • 4 cups of milk
  • Oreo cookie crumbles

Mix and bake cake mix in 9 x 13 in. pan according to instructions. When the cake has about 5 minutes left, begin making your pudding. Whisk the pudding mix with the cold milk for about two minutes, until lumps are gone. Let set only 2-3 minutes (not the whole 5, you don’t want it to set too thick or it won’t pour!)

Take cake out of oven and begin poking holes all over cake. Try to use something with a 1 inch diameter, like the end of a wooden spoon. Do as many holes as you’d like – there’s no such thing as too many or too little!

Pour your pudding mix all over cake and into the holes you created. Use the back of a spoon to help get the pudding into the holes. Let set 5-10 minutes and cool.

Cover & refrigerate for at least an hour. Top with Oreo cookie crumbles before serving.

What is your favorite type of cake to make?


My First 5K


This Saturday I will be running in my very first 5K race. Let me preface this blog post by telling you the truth – I am not a long-distance runner. I have exercise-induced asthma, I get bored, I prefer running on a treadmill, and my knee tends to bother me.

So I’m sure you’re wondering why I would ever put myself through a 5K.

Well, the truth is, I couldn’t pass this one up. I am running in the Warrior Dash, and I figured if I was to ever do a race this would be the one. It has many obstacles to break up the run and would keep me from being bored, and I got a friend to do it with me.


This year has been one of many firsts for me (first “big girl” job, first time skydiving, first year living on my own, first time adopting a pet, and so on) so I wanted to be sure I got in another one before the year is up.

Have you ever ran a 5K (or a marathon for that matter)? I’d love to hear your advice for a first timer. Is it okay to stop for water or breaks, or is that embarrassing? What is a good time to shoot for? Should I bring my own water? What do you do with your stuff (like your purse, car keys, etc.?)