Red Lobster – Sea Food, Differently


If you have never been to Red Lobster before, this is a restaurant I highly recommend to try. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a buffet style restaurant or even cheap, for that matter. While the atmosphere is casual, it is also classy, and the staff are extremely friendly. I have a wonderful dining experience each time I eat there.

I absolutely love seafood, so this is my kind of place. These are my top ten favorite dishes from Red Lobster.

1. Crab Linguine Alfredo – sweet, succulent crab meat in a creamy and buttery Alfredo sauce

2. Shrimp Scampi – shrimp, garlic, and butter – my three favorite things. What gets better than that?

3. Cheddar Bay Biscuits – not only are these probably the best bread at any restaurant, they are unlimited. And cheesy! There’s also a slight hint of lemon in these which makes them go great with iced tea.

4. Stuffed Mushrooms – Mushrooms are one of my favorite vegetables, and by stuffing them with seafood and cheese you just made yourself my favorite person.

5. Broiled Scallops – The thing about scallops is that they are so easy to cook wrong. And once you have them once cooked wrong, your mind is changed about them forever. Not at Red Lobster. You can get your scallops broiled or fried, but broiled is the way to go. Delish!

6. Caesar Side Salad – Salads are also so easy to do wrong, but Red Lobster does it oh so right. The lettuce is fresh and green (not white), the croutons are flavorful and crunchy, and the Caesar dressing is not overpowering. I prefer the Caesar side salad over the house any day.

7. Seafood Stuffed Flounder – Once you get over the fact that you’re eating Ariel’s best friend, this dish is pretty awesome. The flounder is very flaky, and the stuffing is crab and shrimp, which are both great!

8. Snow Crab Legs – One pound of sweet, sweet crab meat served with a dish of melted butter. *Drool* Takes a bit to get to, what with all the cracking, but definitely worth the labor put into it!

9. Lobster Pizza – This is actually an appetizer, but could be ordered as an entree for one person as the portion size is decent. The pizza is thin crust (so good!) with lobster meat (real lobster, not fake krab), mozzarella cheese, and fresh tomatoes. Definitely try this at least once!

10. Lobster Bisque – If you have ever had this kind of soup at any other restaurant, you know exactly what I am talking about. Thick, creamy bisque with chunks of fresh lobster and a little bit of a spice added. Great to warm up with!

One might say I am obsessed with Red Lobster; I would just say I am a brand advocate. Just saying.


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  1. This article was so well written, as I read, each of my 10,000 taste buds could feel the plethora of savory flavors that these dishes of the sea had to offer. My only complaint is I now need a new monitor after gnawing it half due to the fantastic festival of flavor that was so eloquently described to me thus transporting me to the salty sea air of a red lobster booth.

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