Palm Reader or Bullsh*t Spewer?


I attended a festival over the holiday weekend and one of the vendors happened to be Angelina’s Psychic Boutique. Two women sat in chairs and were reading palms of guests, as well as offering tarot card and full life readings. This was the last day of the festival, so they had a special on palm readings for $10. I had to do it.

I have been wanting to get my palm read for a long time now. These booths are always at Women’s Expos and other festivals like that, and I just never could convince myself to spend the money. But for $10, I figured why not?

As soon as I sat down, Angelina (I happened to get the owner of the boutique) started saying things that were so right on that it almost shocked me. How could she have known my heart was broken recently? That is not exactly something they can say to every person that comes in. In fact, my friend Kim who was with me got her palms read, too, and she is in a steady relationship, so if they would have said the same to her it wouldn’t have made sense.

Other things she said about me were not necessarily things I didn’t already know about myself or wasn’t already aware of, but things that she shouldn’t have any knowledge of.

She knew about a situation happening within my family, that I moved for a job, as well as when I will get married, if I will have kids, and how long I will live.

Thinking about it now gives me goosebumps. It was so crazy to have a complete stranger rattling off facts about me or presenting me with my future.

If I got the opportunity to have my palms read again, or even have a tarot card reading, I would definitely do it. I would have to challenge that this wasn’t just a fluke and that these psychics actually know what they are doing.

Have you ever gotten your palms read or anything else done by a psychic? What was your experience like? Did you believe what they said, and did it come true? Let me know in the comments.

Addition: I have just found out another one of her readings was extremely correct. I totally believe in this stuff now.


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