The “Dating” Game


Did I miss something?

Apparently, I have been out of the dating scene for too long.

I haven’t been “single” since I was 17. I dated one guy from 17 to 20, one from 20 to 21, and another from 21 to 22. And the last one was a very recent break up (try, a week ago) so you can imagine my surprise when four days after we broke up, a guy I went to college with asked me to grab drinks.

The drink date thing went well, or so I thought. He paid for my dinner and drinks and wanted to hang out again. He talked to me all weekend and we made plans to watch a movie at my place last night.

Then, last night came, and things did not go as I expected them to. The guy was a total creep. He basically led me into believing that he wanted this to maybe become some sort of relationship, but then stated simply that he wasn’t “looking for anything serious, just a little fun.”

Are all guys like this now? I was left so confused. Did I misread the signs? I feel like I have been out of the dating scene for so long that I don’t know how to act. Is it normal, even expected, for people now to start with sex and then do the steps backwards and maybe a relationship will form out of it? MTV came to the agency where I work a week ago and did a presentation on Millennials (aka, my generation) and how they like to run the bases backwards. Am I the only person of my generation who feels like this is NOT the way to do things?

I would love to hear everyone else’s thoughts on this. Am I not being open-minded enough or was I right to feel like this was completely off base?



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